Rioting Gurus - Volunteer Advisory Team:

Sweetriot is super-lucky to have these super advisors who volunteer their time and advice.

  1. Allan Afuah, Professor, Michigan Business School
  2. Carolyn Bechtel, Director of Government Relations, CORDUS
  3. Jennifer Chapman, COO at Wild Planet Toys
  4. Tom Eisenmann, Professor, Harvard Business School
  5. Nick Gleason, CEO and Founder of Citysoft
  6. Marco Iansiti, Professor, Harvard Business School
  7. Matt Lewis, Co-Founder, The Chocolate Bar NYC
  8. Alan MacCormack, Professor, Harvard Business School
  9. Steve Mariotti, President and Founder, the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship
  10. Anurag Mendhekar, CEO and Founder of Online Anywhere (a Yahoo! purchased company) and CEO and Founder of Blue Vector Systems
  11. John Rubino, Managing Director, Hadley & Green and Founder, Landor Seattle
  12. Ari Weinzweig, CEO and Founder of Zingerman's
  13. Grant Winfrey, Former Senior Director of Marketing, Yahoo!, Nestle, and P&G

Rioting Gurus - Friends and Family advisory team:

Sweetriot sends a huge THANKS to the great friends and family team of advisors.

Food and culinary
Chris Fruendt, Manager, Gotham Bar & Grill
Dylan Bigelow, VP of Production, Fran's Chocolates
Megan Stocker, Independent Consultant
Alex Cocina, Chef & Creator, Tia Pol

Film, Design, and Entertainment
Barrett Feldman, Junior Architect, Rogers Marvel Architects
Chris Ryan, Producer, Sincronia Films
Kate Treveloni, Product Manager, Scholastic

Citizen participation and cause related activity
Mary Endline, Former Manager of Community Relations, Barnes & Noble
Darian Heyman, Director, Craigslist Foundation
David Naczycz, Founder, Detroit Synergy and Consultant, The Rae Group
Michael Hecht, Assistant Commissioner, NYC Business Solutions

Barbara Gnos, Senior Product Manager, Yahoo!
Tina Hsiao, Brand Manager, Intuit
Ted Ko, Product Manager, Yahoo!
Andrew Lee, Senior Product Manager, eBay
Pam Webber, Director of Marketing, eBay

Kevin Hermida, Senior Database Engineer, Colspace
Tracy Pesin, Senior Engineer, Vindigo

Ian Birla, Vice President, Goldman Sachs
Jason Jarjosa, President, MAC Stores
Farouk Ladha, Founder, Silicon Valley Bank Capital Funds
Cindy Panchula, Vice President, Goldman Sachs
Harvey Kreiswirth, Independent Consultant

Benjamin Allen, Vice President, The Sterling Brand Group
Heidi Blahnik, Product Manager, Bogen Imaging
P. Emily Farber, Principal/Founder, Hudson Communications, Inc.
Stacie Sherer, Vice President, Burson Marsteller

Operations & Manufacturing
Diane King, Lead Agent, Endline Pike Insurance
Kivanc Onan, Consultant, AT Kearney
Paula Wittbrodt, Senior Manager, Avon Products, Inc.

Sales & Customer Experience
Joe Fletcher, Consultant, Customer Passion LLC
Joel Sanders, Entrepreneur
Karen Thigpen, Director, Mary Kay
Scott Tworek, Consultant, The Rae Group

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