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sweetriot supports the emerging artists community by featuring works that embrace sweetriot's culture on its tins. Every few months we ask rioters to Rock the Art Vote and help pick the featured artist for upcoming tins. If you'd like a reminder to come back and vote once the poll goes live, sign up for our newsletter.

Are you interested in featuring your art on our tins? Find out how.

Featured riotBar Artist Lindy Gaskill

We are proud to announce our latest featured artist, Lindy Gaskill. Lindy hails from Prescott, Arizona. Check out more of her artwork online and her etsy store if you like her artwork as much as we do!

Lindy Artwork

Featured Artist #12: Ira L. Black

You voted, we listened, and now we have a new featured artist... Ira L. Black! Head over to his website for more of his amazing artwork.

Ira L. Black Artwork

Featured yumBar Artist #1: Becca Case

On sale in retail stores or buy the yumBar online

We're proud to announce our FIRST featured yumBar artist, Becca Case! Check out her site for more of her fantastic artwork.

Becca Case Artwork

Featured Artist #11: Sheena Sood

On sale in stores and online

Sheena Malini Sood is our current featured artist. Check out her site for more of her fantastic artwork Sheena Sood!

Sheena Sood Artwork

Featured Artist #10: Callie Hirsch

Featured Artist #10 goes to Callie Hirsch! Visit her site for more of her beautiful work: Callie Hirsch Artwork

Featured Artist #9: Rita Patel

Check out her amazing artwork: Rita Patel. Rita was featured Winter/Spring 2009.

Rita Patel Artwork

Featured Artist #8: Gabriele Stewart

Originally from Switzerland, Gabriele lives in Massachusetts, and is a true rioter. Gabriele's artwork was featured in the Spring of 2008.

Gabriele Stewart

Featured Artist #7: Lane Last

Lane Last, an art professor at the University of Tennessee - Martin, made the grade with rioters when they selected his artwork for sweetriot tins for Winter 07/08.

Lane Last Artwork

Featured Artist #6: Maggie Hernandez

For the 06/07 winter holidays, sweetriot created two special limited edition flavors, flavor 70 cinn and flavor 70 cher. Luckily, Rock the Art Vote Finalist Maggie Hernandez agreed to share her artwork for these special limited edition tins... thanks Maggie!

Maggie Hernandez Works

Featured Artist #5: Patty West Elstrott

Patty's "Inner Visions" are what rioters were seeing on their tins in the Summer of 2007. Thanks Patty! To see more of Patty's visions, check out her site here.

Patty West Elstrott Works

Featured Artist #4: Doug Turner

Doug Turner's artwork appeared on sweetriot limited edition in the winter of 06/07. For more info on Doug and his work, check his website at The Elastic Image.

Doug Turner Works

Featured Artist #3: Tom Fedro

Rioters rocked the art vote back in July 2006 and picked Tom Fedro of the Chicago area to be Featured Artist #3. Tom's work appeared on sweetriot tins during the fall of 2006. Thanks, Tom!

Tom Fedro Works

Featured Artist #2: Jelene Morris

Jelene Morris's "pop toons" were featured on sweetriot tins this past spring. Jelene has the distinction of being the winner of the first-ever vote by rioters for artwork on a tin! Congrats, Jelene! Go to Jelene.com to check out further works by Jelene.

Jelene Morris Works

Featured Artist #1: Mike Hammer

Sweetriot would like to thank Mike Hammer for the use of his artwork on our first collection of cacao nibs. Mike is a wonderful emerging young artist out of Toronto.

Mike Hammer Works

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