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  1. Mastermind and Chief Rioter Sarah Endline
  2. Mega Catalyst of Cool Marketing Clare Simone Hobbs
  3. Catalyst of Cool Support Tracy Johnson
  4. Part-time Rioters

Sarah E Endline > back to top

Sarah Endline, NYC style
Photographer: Jean-luc Mège

Sarah used to walk through the cornfield from her small-town home in Michigan to her grandparents' farm. Along the way, this is likely where her dreams of cacao began, or perhaps it was when she danced with the 'Not Just Vanilla' dance group at the age of 9.

During college, Sarah used to host her friends for tractor rides and horseshoes at the Crump Pump Bar - however, it's important to note that she never forced them to play in country ditches or attend the Auburn Cornfest as she had as a child. She grew up with an entire Smurf village toy set, dogs and cats, and loves Slurpees - like big-time.

When Sarah is not climbing a cacao tree, she is found Latin dancing all over the globe or hanging out with family and friends. At 21, she won a stereo in a singing contest in Germany but never received the stereo - guess she wasn't really American Idol material. Nevertheless, Sarah loves to sing a cappella and has done so in Boston, NYC, Germany, Michigan, Seattle, and San Francisco.

After studying in Europe, Sarah's university thesis research took her to Hungary, Kenya, Pakistan, Thailand, Mexico, and Venezuela, which was the first time she circumnavigated the globe and saw Asia, Africa, and Latin America - one minute a safari at 6 am, the next minute salsa at midnight. She has lived, traveled and worked in more than 50 countries. Sarah also loves theater, independent film, and the movie, Grease.

Sarah has launched products, created brands, founded and run organizations, and worked many places like Yahoo!, Microsoft, the World Bank, AIESEC, and The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE); Sarah loves the work at sweetriot best. Sarah has been an active member of many non-profit boards including those for NFTE, Harvard, UMichigan, and AIESEC. Sarah has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BBA from The University of Michigan. (Go Blue!)

Clare Simone Hobbs > back to top

Clare Simone Hobbs, reaching out
Photographer: Jean-luc Mège

Clare was photographed as a baby with a bottle in one hand and a shrimp cocktail in the other. Her specialty eating began early thanks to her loving parents and 3 older siblings. Lamb baby food was one of her all time favorites!

Clare was raised in Michigan, and is extremely proud of her Midwestern roots combined with her German, Norwegian, and Lebanese background. Her outgoing multi-cultural background likely led her to her involvement in dance, swim team, cheerleading, track and soccer. Clare headed East for College to pursue Fashion. After graduating from Marymount University in Virginia with a BA in Fashion Merchandising, she moved to New York City to begin her career and journeyed from Norma Kamali to lingerie design. Eventually, she was the ‘brainchild’ behind an online clothing boutique start-up project, called Fresh Picked Daily, which operated for an exciting year and half. She was determined to find a “home” after her first entrepreneurial adventure, and it came full circle when she met a fellow Michigander, Sarah. The movement to fix the world with something chocolate is contagious, and she returned to her “foodie” roots to become a full time rioter!

When she is not rioting, she enjoys busting a move on the dance floor (thanks to Motown), bowling, hanging with her best friends, seeing live bands, and sometimes staying up late to watch the sunrise on a rooftop in NYC.

At sweetriot, Clare is the Mega Catalyst of Cool Marketing and handles PR, marketing, product development, events and is the ultimate czar of the sweetriot calendar.

Tracy Johnson > back to top

Tracy Johnson, very supportive
Photographer: Jean-luc Mège

Nestled in between the Windy City and the crossroads of America, Tracy was born and destined for sweetriot. Known as a singing socialite with a sweet tooth, growing up with Tracy was fun and delicious! As one of four siblings, her Philippino-German-Scottish heritage was a shared (and tasty) culture the entire family embraced. After years of singing to friends and family, Tracy ventured to Indiana University and graduated with Telecommunications, Music, and Psychology under her belt. Driven by her love of culture, variety, and knowledge she bought a one-way ticket and packed two suitcases heading for the big apple. Re-connecting to her musical roots, Tracy came to New York City to become a rockstar; little did she know she would fall in love with a cacao-covered mission. As a New Yorker, you can find Tracy people-watching in any borough, enjoying a slice (or two), reading in the park/subway, diving for new volunteer opportunities, or strolling to the beat of her own ipod.

Part-time Rioters (friends and students) > back to top

sweetriot has many wonderful rioters who give their time and creativity:

HEIDI BLAHNIK is our former Creator of Cool Markets, and continues to riot with us part-time (we assume it is Heidi, and not her identical twin). Growing up in a tiny Wisconsin town, Heidi could have learned to love the Packers and drink beer. Alas, no. But, she took her home-grown love of bratwurst and cheese curds to Europe and studied abroad in London, where she fell in love with both traveling and culinary adventures. To counteract her Flavor 65 habit, she loves to walk NYC, shop, and dance (the cacao dance that is).

JOE FLETCHER is a farm-town boy from Wisconsin who escaped after college at UW-Madison to live in Colombia and India! In his spare time, Joe enjoys beer and sausage and more beer and sausage. (Guess this is a Wisconsin thing.) He can be found on weekends searching the Internet for “Customer Passion” or dancing merengue on his rooftop.

LIZ (SMITH) FREUEN (aka Goddess of Live Events) grew up in the land of tornadoes, one of which tore the roof off her high school. As an only child she discovered hidden talents such as singing in clothes hampers, bending her fingers backwards, speaking to pigs, and an unnatural ability to consume large amounts of chocolate. Currently, she prefers to devour Flavor 65 and loves to riot when she is not being a speech-language pathologist.

JONATHAN GALA works in web design and graphic design, and counts among his happy flock. He also noodles around a fair amount on the guitar. He has thwarted the theft of a 40 foot inflatable pig with his pocket knife, wandered cross country 4 times, and once ate 7 lbs. of chocolate pudding in 24 hours.

EVELYN GAYNOR is acting, singing, and chocolating her way through life in NYC from her humble beginnings in a suburb of Boston, MA. In her free time, Evelyn enjoys traveling through the amazon and hunting pirannahs, bungee jumping, white water rafting, deep sea diving, shark chasing, and baking. Though these things keep her quite busy, Evelyn can usually be found pretending to be French with a good book and a cup of coffee at her favorite cafe.

SUZANNE MCCARTHY is a graphic designer in Boston who is the creative genius behind the logo and packaging design of sweetriot. She considers herself a “full-fledge scorpio,” so watch out. Suzanne is a huge fan of Jem and can be found on weekends eating grapefruit and honey.

KATE MORGAN hails from Northern England! In pursuit of sunshine — as opposed to British rain — she migrated to Greece and then to NYC. Often likened to Tigger, this probably explains her pronounced love for orange cats. Kate’s adventures have her not only jumping out of planes but convincing others to do the same.

NINA SMITH, our first ever full-time rioter, is now our “Catalyst of Cool Customers Emeritus” and recently founded the Nina’s Music Book company. Nina is one multi-faceted woman who is an amazing flutist, a dedicated family member, a clay pigeon shooter, a “yard football” competitor, a creator of homemade yogurt, a knitter of lace shawls, and much more. She also dreams of piloting a fighter jet. If anyone has a fighter jet, please contact us immediately.

GENEVE STEWART is a former Catalyst and continues to riot whenever she can. Regular trips to Switzerland to visit family began at a very early age for Geneve—she took her first trip across the Atlantic when she was six months old. It is these very trips that made her a chocolate lover.

More Rioting Volunteers > back to top

GRACE AUGUSTINE is a part-time demoing diva who works in consulting by day and moonlights for sweetriot in her spare time. She went to the rival high school as Sarah and then followed in her footsteps to the University of Michigan. Grace is rioting in Ann Arbor, and has to battle against the squirrels and raccoons who attempt to eat the cacao that arrives on her front porch. Score: Wild Animals 1, Grace 1, saga to be continued.

MEGAN STOCKER HEADLEY* is a city girl gone country who ate and drank her way through the food and wine worlds of New York, San Francisco, and Florence before moving down to Charlottesville, Virginia to teach others what she’s learned. She has finally figured it out that it is her subject matter and not just her right-eye wink that makes her so popular! With a new apartment that is bigger than a breadbox, she plans to wash her bathmats once a week, bake pies to cool on the windowsill, and roll around in the grass daily.
*almost … still just “Stocker” for a few months …

OLIVER MARQUIS is a wine fanatic who knew his fancy of wine could be translated to chocolate. The proud winner of a $17.99 plaque, Oliver achieved unsurpassed heights in middle school with his entry in the “Howard County Human Rights Essay Contest.” Eleven years later, “Wild on New York” located the acclaimed writer at a Kahlua sponsored event, offering him the opportunity to speak on their TV show. Oliver accepted, of course, and will graduate from Columbia Business School in 2006.

DAVID NACZYCZ is a crazy Motor City man who likes to dance to Macho Man and Salsa. The only pets he ever owned were Sea Monkeys that lived twice as long as they should have. Dave attended the University of Michigan where as he fondly recalls, he once jumped on a plane with nothing but the clothes on his back.

ROB PENTY is a web guy by day, and a killer of comedy audiences by night. Stand up, sketch comedy, improv … he wanders the stages of New York dispensing fierce (but fair!) comic justice. He once wrote a novel in 30 days (viva la NaNoWriMo), and one day he will be able to buy and sell us all, but will choose not to out of wisdom and compassion.

SCOTT TWOREK hails from gorgeous Racine, Wisconsin and is a graduate of UW-Madison and Pepperdine University. Luckily he escaped to Manhattan to riot but can still be found grilling Wisconsin bratwurst. Round the globe you may find Scott in Spain where he knows the Marbella police personally, or Northeast China where he was educated by locals in a strip dice game.

LAURA WOO was born exactly 2 years and 20 minutes before her brother and lived in over 6 countries by the time she reached the age of 18. Finance used to be her gig, but due to an almighty belief in the sweet tooth, she decided chocolate would be more her speed. Laura will complete her MBA in 2006 and hails Columbia University as her 2 time Alma Mater.

sweetriot would especially like to thank the talented full-time students who have worked on sweetriot in their time outside of classes.

Raquel Almeida, Ross Business School, The University of Michigan

Erika Dressler, Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management

Michelle Gansle, Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management

Laura Howard, Harvard Business School

Puneet Sapra, Harvard Business School

Haley E. Sawyer, Ross Business School, The University of Michigan

Kagan Seymenoglu, Ross Business School, The University of Michigan

Pablo Velez, Harvard Business School

Margaret Wells, Harvard Business School

Special Acknowledgements for our friends and family: Ken Endline, Mary Endline, Diane & Bill King, and many NYC friends

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