Our Story

sarah_ourstorySarah Endline grew up in a small farming township of 500 and somewhere along the way dreamed of building her own mission-based business.

After years of contemplation, she founded sweetriot, a small mission-based company in nyc, which strives to build tasty little morsels in a different way for a different generation.

Through Sarah's travels, she stumbled upon cacao and knew she had to share it with others. The rioter team began testing it with their friends and learning that many did not know the true story of cacao. Discovered in the 1500's, cacao is a magical, spiritual, and celebrated food from South America, Central America, West Africa, and Asia.

The sweetriot team is proud to introduce you to a collection of natural, healthy, yummy chocolate treats and snacks in a socially responsible way! Learn more about our social mission.

A riot never happens alone. Join us! Life is short! Make it sweet!

Our Mission

To create a more just and celebrated multicultural world for our next generation.

What Is a sweetriot?

A sweetriot is a joyful celebration of culture, diversity, and understanding — it is the opposite of a civil riot, which is dangerous, violent, and oppressing.

Our Identity

sweetriot is human, globally responsible, irreverent and built for a new generation.

Our Values

  • We use premium, high quality, and all-natural ingredients.
  • We believe in fair trade with developing countries.
  • We celebrate culture and diversity through our products.
  • We create sweet experiences for our customers, partners and employees.
  • We are young at heart, energetic, down-to-earth and contribute to the greater good.

Click here to learn more about our sweet social mission!