Rin Tin Tin (Reuse, Recycle, Return)


nibs tinsweetriot cares deeply about the environment, so we highly encourage rioters to reuse, recycle, or return their tins. Here are some of the ideas that we've come up with as well as ones rioters have sent us. Please send us more! We want to hear how you reuse your tins or other ideas for sweetriot to help the environment — and we'll feature them right here.

From rioter, Susie Princess King, a very spoiled and loved cocker spaniel puppy (sent by Diane Endline-King):

My family uses the empty tin to keep small treats for me when I attend my weekly obedience class and when out for a walk.”

From rioter, Anu Karwa:

  • vitamins/Tylenol
  • band-aids
  • paper clips/safety pins/bobby pins (so I'm always prepared)
  • safeguard jewelry in my pocketbook to go from day to night after work


nibtin-gadgetsFrom rioter, Ted Ko:

tin connects iPod — helps manage your connector cable when connecting your iPod to your laptop

tins for gadgets — store your gadget cables! from left to right - iPod Video connector cable, digital camera data cable, iPod earbuds


From rioter, Megan Stocker:

This is limited edition original artwork, and I keep the tins not only to store cufflinks or whatever, but also for posterity."

From rioter, Katrina Rowe:

  • altoids
  • loose change for car
  • birthday candles
  • small container to hold things while traveling (e.g. Q-tips, or trial sizes of medicine — am I the only dork who travels with trial sizes of medicine?)

From rioter, Mark, NYC:

My own use for the tins I have collected: Three of them in my drawer for collecting quarters, pennies, and other change. The quarters are for the Red Bus (I live on Roosevelt Island); the pennies I wrap up and take to the bank every 100 years, and the small change is for supermarket trips.”


sweetriot tins are recyclable, so we really encourage rioters to recycle any tins they don't reuse. Tins can be recycled through community curbside recycling programs or at community recycling centers.

The sweetriot displays and boxes that our 12 packs come in also are recyclable - just include them with your mixed paper recyclables. We're also working with our retail partners to see if they can recycle displays and boxes.

Here's some info on the impact of recycling tins. Every ton of steel packaging recycled makes the following environmental savings: 1.5 tons of iron ore, 0.5 tons of coal, 40% of the water required in production, 75% of the energy needed to make steel from virgin material, 1.3 tons of solid waste, Reduction of air emissions by 86%, Reduction of water pollution by 76%.

Source: IoPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals)


If you don't have a recycling program in your neighborhood, send them to us and weill recycle them for you! Those who return sweetriot tins will be placed on the sweetriot friend list recognizing them for their conscious resourcefulness.

Send all tins to riot headquarters:
sweetriot, inc.
131 Varick St., Suite 936
New York, NY 10013

And remember, we want to hear more ideas from you on what else we can be doing!