Submit Your Art

art-soodart-hirschArtists come riot with us! sweetriot supports the emerging artists community by featuring works that embrace sweetriot's culture on each of our packages. sweetriot is a small and growing company in NYC. We have over five yummy dark chocolate and healthy snack collections!

If you'd like to promote your artwork on our packaging traveling across the country and into the hands of our cool rioting customers, send us your work!

Benefits for the artist:

  • Prominent placement on 1,000's of sweetriot products for at least 6-12 months!
  • Distribution to a growing number of 2500+ retail stores in New York City and across the US!!
  • Featured on and our blog,, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages.
  • Displays at tradeshows & events such as GenArt, Fancy Food, Net Impact, Sundance Film Fest, South by Southwest, Expo East Natural  Foods, etc.
  • Press that sweetriot generates
  • Best of all, be a part of a new movement - fixing the world one 'peace' at a time.

Benefits to sweetriot and customers:

  • A continually refreshing art experience
  • Discovering cool new artists while enjoying yummy cacao

Check out our past Featured Artists or go to our online shop to see our current Featured Artist's work live on sweetriot tins. Learn more about how to submit your artwork below.

Artwork Submission Guidelines

sweetriot is always accepting artwork to be featured on our packaging. If you'd like yours to be next, you can submit your artwork by sending an email to Please send 9 - 12 jpeg images that you think would look great on sweetriot packaging and represent your portfolio well.

Ideally, name each image file the title of your piece. Please don't embed your images into the message (those are hard to manage). Instead, please attach them to your message. Also, if you have a web address you'd like us to look at, we will! But make sure to also email us 9 - 12 images you think would look best on sweetriot's packaging.  The images need to be at least 9 x 9 inches and hi resolution (at least 300 DPI).

Every submission should be accompanied by a signed Rights and Usage Agreement. Our fax # is (212) 202-4575, attention: Artists - Join the Riot! You can also email a scanned copy of your signed agreement to Only one agreement per artist is necessary.

Finally, we'd like to hear how you discovered sweetriot ... so if you remember, let us know how you heard about sweetriot. Thanks!

Looking forward to rioting with you!

Our internal team of art lovers will select 2 or 3 finalists that we think will look great on our packaging. After that, we leave it up to the rioting community to choose their favorite artwork that they'd like to see on our sweetriot packaging. We'll post the finalists' pieces up on the sweetriot Rock the Art Vote! page.

From there, rioters (sweetriot customers, newsletter subscribers, and the greater rioting community) will vote on their favorite.

If your artwork is not selected in this round, we will automatically consider it for the subsequent round for future packaging.

Various forms of visual art will be considered. Our goal is to select artwork that resonates with our customers and embraces sweetriot culture. We love creativity, so we keep the selection criteria broad, along these general themes:

  • A sweetriot look (colorful, vibrant, modern, stands out, interesting, noteworthy)
  • Contemporary or modern
  • Somewhat different from previous sweetriot artwork
  • Some variation in dominant colors among pieces in order to differentiate between sweetriot packaging/flavors

As a note, we are not asking you to start from scratch – art from your current collection is preferred (totally acceptable).