Team sweetriot

sarah endline

Photographer: Jean-luc Mège

Sarah E Endline

Sarah used to walk through the cornfield from her small-town home in Michigan to her grandparents' farm. Along the way, this is likely where her dreams of cacao began, or perhaps it was when she danced with the 'Not Just Vanilla' dance group at the age of 9.

During college, Sarah used to host her friends for tractor rides and horseshoes at the Crump Pump Bar - however, it's important to note that she never forced them to play in country ditches or attend the Auburn Cornfest as she had as a child. She grew up with an entire Smurf village toy set, dogs and cats, and loves Slurpees - like big-time.

When Sarah is not climbing a cacao tree, she is found Latin dancing all over the globe or hanging out with family and friends. At 21, she won a stereo in a singing contest in Germany but never received the stereo - guess she wasn't really American Idol material. Nevertheless, Sarah loves to sing a cappella and has done so in Boston, NYC, Germany, Michigan, Seattle, and San Francisco.

After studying in Europe, Sarah's university thesis research took her to Hungary, Kenya, Pakistan, Thailand, Mexico, and Venezuela, which was the first time she circumnavigated the globe and saw Asia, Africa, and Latin America - one minute a safari at 6 am, the next minute salsa at midnight. She has lived, traveled and worked in more than 50 countries. Sarah also loves theater, independent film, and the movie, Grease.

Sarah has launched products, created brands, founded and run organizations, and worked many places like Yahoo!, Microsoft, the World Bank, AIESEC, and The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE); Sarah loves the work at sweetriot best. Sarah has been an active member of many non-profit boards including those for NFTE, Harvard, UMichigan, and AIESEC. Sarah has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BBA from The University of Michigan. (Go Blue!)


clare hobbs

Photographer: Jean-luc Mège

Clare Simone Hobbs

Clare was photographed as a baby with a bottle in one hand and a shrimp cocktail in the other. Her specialty eating began early thanks to her loving parents and 3 older siblings. Lamb baby food was one of her all time favorites!

Clare was raised in Michigan, and is extremely proud of her Midwestern roots combined with her German, Norwegian, and Lebanese background. Her outgoing multi-cultural background likely led her to her involvement in dance, swim team, cheerleading, track and soccer. Clare headed East for College to pursue Fashion. After graduating from Marymount University in Virginia with a BA in Fashion Merchandising, she moved to New York City to begin her career and journeyed from Norma Kamali to lingerie design. Eventually, she was the ‘brainchild’ behind an online clothing boutique start-up project, called Fresh Picked Daily, which operated for an exciting year and half. She was determined to find a “home” after her first entrepreneurial adventure, and it came full circle when she met a fellow Michigander, Sarah. The movement to fix the world with something chocolate is contagious, and she returned to her “foodie” roots to become a full time rioter!

When she is not rioting, she enjoys busting a move on the dance floor (thanks to Motown), hanging with her best friends, seeing live bands, finding the diamonds in the rough at the local flea market, taking long walks with her husband, daughter Charlie and lab indie ... and sometimes staying up late to watch the sunrise on a rooftop in NYC.

At sweetriot, Clare is the Chief of Staff / Mega Catalyst of Cool Marketing which means she wears many hats including marketing, product development, and running the day-to-day business.



Photographer: Jean-luc Mège

Marissa Long

Hailing from the sunshine of the pacific coast, Marissa loves the outdoors, music, yoga, and dance. Needless to say music festivals are a few of her favorite things along with green juices, blogging, teaching, snorkeling, sailing, and animal activist groups. She’s an entrepreneur at heart and loves creative ideas, innovation and the free world! She enjoys building brands and companies she believes in and considers herself a sales samurai who doesn’t stop until she hears yes. Marissa went to school in the Bay Area and although her degree is in Computer Science, has since sworn to never program a computer again. Instead, when she’s not rioting, she enjoys teaching yoga or barre classes and occasional giving talks on health and holistic living. She is a certified yoga and barre teacher as well as a certified health coach. She’s also been dancing since she was three years old and continues to hip hop, ballet and lyrical dance from NYC to LA. Her one piece of wisdom … to quote Coco Channel “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”

tracy johnson

Photographer: Jean-luc Mège

Tracy Johnson

Nestled in between the Windy City and the crossroads of America, Tracy was born and destined for sweetriot. Known as a singing socialite with a sweet tooth, growing up with Tracy was fun and delicious! As one of four siblings, her Philippino-German-Scottish heritage was a shared (and tasty) culture the entire family embraced. After years of singing to friends and family, Tracy ventured to Indiana University and graduated with Telecommunications, Music, and Psychology under her belt. Driven by her love of culture, variety, and knowledge she bought a one-way ticket and packed two suitcases heading for the big apple. Re-connecting to her musical roots, Tracy came to New York City to become a rockstar; little did she know she would fall in love with a cacao-covered mission. As a New Yorker, you can find Tracy people-watching in any borough, enjoying a slice (or two), reading in the park/subway, diving for new volunteer opportunities, or strolling to the beat of her own ipod.